i was abused for a week with the help of a japanese purple big eyed fuck

a stupid video game character sparked the abuse i suffered at her hands for like a week

she knew i was scared by it so she made me watch videos of it and then made me sleep on the outside of the couch cause she knew i had a fear of “monsters under the bed” at the time. like sure i was about 15 or so i shouldn’t have been so scared but

if something is scary don’t rub it in my face? 

then she’d have my friends show me pictures of it when i was back home

i’m literally terrified of it now because of her i can’t even look at it.

what the fuck

i cant be friends with this girl anymore.

my abuser cheated on me with her and because of her i’ve attempted to take my life several times. we bonded over being fucked over by the same girl but

i really dont like her in my life because of what she’s done to me.

so i was in an emotionally manipulative/abusive relationship. im finally realizing she has raped me.

im still struggling with this and i feel like i should be over it but its too hard.

i’m temped to see if she’s with the girl she was with after me but im too scared.